Shakespeare composite poles for power transmission and distribution

Transmission and Distribution Tuff-Poles

Shakespeare Tuff-Pole® composite utility poles are stronger, lighter, and longer lasting than ever. This is the result of the newest technologies in fiberglass and resin systems, along with advanced manufacturing process controls.

To achieve the Tuff-Pole formula, we engineered new resin formulations and fiberglass configurations, applied new automated process controls, and added advanced UV inhibitors and coatings for long life in adverse weather conditions.

Maximum strength
Composite Tuff-Poles stay strong. Fiberglass reinforced composite poles never rust or splinter. Insects and wildlife won’t eat them and woodpeckers won’t make holes in them. The Tuff-Pole transmission and distribution pole will maintain its original strength throughout its long life. Manufacturing tolerances for composite Tuff-Poles are tight, and they stay that way. The strength that you install remains constant. Composite power poles are ideal for installations where climate, wildlife and other environmental issues tear into wood poles.

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Composite poles are also very light in weight, making them much easier and simpler to transport to remote destinations for power transmission and distribution installations. Airlifting, for example, requires lighter, less costly aircraft, and many installations in backyards or other planted areas can be achieved without heavy equipment – so the lawn is not torn up by construction traffic.

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Available in a choice of colors, the hollow Shakespeare T&D poles make an attractive, unobtrusive site possible. Their good looks are protected by our coordinated efforts. We build UV protection in at every stage of manuafacturing, and we test our products to make sure they stand up as expected.

Composite utility poles install just like any other pole. They can be field drilled or drilled at the factory for crossarms, brackets, braces, or other attachments. You can also order climbing steps, and ours meet the highest standards.

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We had many lines that needed to be replaced in backyards. We chose fiberglass-composite poles because they take less people to install, which cuts labor costs. Plus, they last twice as long so you know you're going to get your money's worth--ten times over. I believe they are the way of the future.

--Frank Fall, Boston Edison, Boston, Massachusetts