Shakespeare SafeFence substation perimeter fencing

SafeFence Substation Barrier System Protects People, Utility Assets

SafeFenceTM non-conductive perimeter barrier fencing provides safety and security around substations, transformer yards and other utility properties with installed power delivery assets.

The fiberglass wall deters would-be vandals, excludes wildlife and hides unsightly equipment from growing neighborhoods. Lightweight, easy to install, and versatile, the Shakespeare SafeFence wall can be field-modified during installation to address any type of terrain.

New SafeFence Product Literature

SafeFence safety barrier system brochure
12-inch high composite panel specification page
6-inch high composite panel specification page


Designed and produced using fiberglass strands and mat, the composite material’s maintenance-free construction saves time and money over the product's lifetime. In hot, humid environments, the SafeFence composite construction will never rust. Further the materials will not deteriorate in salt-air climates, desert heat, or harsh, high traffic environments.

The attractive, graffiti-resistant design provides superb UV protection for long-term performance in the field.

Shakespeare SafeFence Product Benefits

  • Safe, non-conductive fiberglass posts and planks
  • Attractive, available in a range of UV-resistant colors
  • Simple, fast, inexpensive installation - little or no heavy lifting equipment
  • Can be modified and cut in the field
  • Spans up to 18 feet, heights up to 24 feet
  • Effective noise barrier and may be filled with recycled crumb rubber for additional effectiveness against noise upon request
  • Supports and panels will not rust
  • Low maintenance over life of product
  • US designed and built in Newberry, SC
  • Time proven and trusted Shakespeare product

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Because SafeFence is a non-conductive composite product, the system is an ideal safety perimeter barrier around substations and other utility assets. The superb UV-protection provides decades of durability.