Stub-base for easy direct burial installation

Tuff-Stub Stub-Base Poles

Shakespeare Tuff-Stub composite stub base poles make short work of mounting direct burial composite poles. The product allows a construction crew to quickly “rough in” wiring, leaving pole installation for later, so phased construction is simple.

Download the Tuff-Stub Composite Pole Ordering Matrix.

Tuff-Stub extends 2-feet above grade and includes our anti-rotation structure below ground level, as well as provision for conductor entrance(s). The top section slips over the stub to about 1 foot below grade. To install the top sections of the poles, workers simply clear away loose dirt for about a foot at ground level, slide the top of the pole over the Tuff-Stub, and connect the wiring.


Tuff-Stub poles are the ideal choice for new subdivision development, whether constructed in phases or not. They make it possible to install and wire street lighting, and then complete the installation when you’re ready. As development and finish grading are done, a crew comes back and attaches the top sections of the poles and connects the wiring, eliminating damage to poles during finish grading.

The Tuff-Stub option is available for all of our natural- or smooth-finish S, O, H, and X series, direct burial composite poles to 30’ mounting height, with or without mast arms, brackets, or other attachments. They are available in optional orange for easy identification when your project is ready for poles to be fitted.


The poles comprise two sections, a stub base that mounts in the ground flush to ground level. The sections can also be made available separately.