Shakespeare composite square light poles

Square Tuff-Poles - A Proven Performer for Outdoor Lighting

Shakespeare square Tuff-Pole® products are fiberglass-reinforced composite light poles for street and area lighting and other outdoor lighting projects.

A Shakespeare innovation - we introduced the first straight square composite light poles and today Shakespeare square poles are still prized for their ease of installation, long-lasting good looks, and their rust-proof design.

The Shakespeare straight-square Tuff-Pole® composite lighting standard is currently featured in the Shakespeare Square Deal special offer. For a limited time, these top-selling light poles are specially priced to fit your budget and are shipped fast for quick delivery. Choose either a 4-in x 4-in or 5-in x 5-in configuration. Learn more.

In addition to a straight-square design, Shakespeare also offers a tapered-square pole design.

Shakespeare Square Pole - Product Benefits

  • Lightweight poles can be carried and installed without lifting equipment
  • Rust-proof and corrosion-resistant for low lifetime maintenance
  • Durable and dent-resistant
  • Non-conductive composite design for safety
  • Available in a variety of colors and finishes for enduring beauty

Shakespeare square composite poles are manufactured in one piece by pulling the structure through special heated dies. 

The resins that form these square light poles incorporate UV inhibitors and the poles emerge smooth and straight, ready for our proprietary, UV-inhibitor-rich polyurethane coatings. The poles' renowned strength derives from fiberglass strands embedded in the pole walls during manufacture.

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