Lighting poles for sports, parks and recreational facilities

Sports Lighting Tuff Poles

The stadium maintenance crew gets a break with Shakespeare composite sports lighting poles. Engineered for lighting arrays up to 1000 pounds, you can load them up and they will not warp or twist. So, the playing field won't suffer from puddles of darkness and the crew doesn't have to climb up there to re-aim the luminaires.

Designed for big, tough jobs, our sports lighting poles are shipped in sections for easy transport.

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Our superior Tuff-Pole® product manufacturing process and engineering means they'll stand up to nature's assaults over the long haul. Shakespeare’s sports lighting poles, in mounting heights up to 90 feet, have a specially designed extra-durable sports lighting luminaire array veil finish with UV inhibitors formulated into the resin and into the coatings for extra long life in the sun.

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Their special lightweight, high-strength sports lighting crossarms - hollow so you can route wiring through them - come in 2 to 12 ft lengths for one to six luminaires (with 22-inch reflectors). You can easily build the lighting arrays you need for any job.

We make our sports lighting poles in series of strength ratings matched to wind zones and luminaire loads. You can load them up in 90 to 130 MPH wind zones - or even higher - with luminaire arrays of 20 to 120 EPA.

With all the advantages of fiberglass reinforced composites, these poles will not rust. Ever. Insects won't eat them, and they don't even tempt woodpeckers. In short, our sports lighting composite poles are the winner in sports lighting.

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