Shakespeare round-tapered light poles

Round Tapered Tuff-Poles

Shakespeare Round Tapered Tuff-Pole® products start with a specially engineered filament winding process, utilizing manufacturing equipment developed, built and engineered in house. Strands of fiberglass are impregnated with pigmented resin and spirally wound onto a rotating, heated mandrel. The winding is precision applied under continuous, uniform tension, and computer controlled for precision and repeatability - a Shakespeare innovation.

The result is a super-strong, one-piece, composite pole with a uniform surface. The poles contain a minimum of 65 percent fiberglass - maximum 35 percent polyester resin - by weight. We formulate UV-inhibitors into the resin itself, part of our thorough, systematic approach to UV protection. After cooling, the poles are fitted with tenons and other attachments, and they may undergo additional finishing steps like polishing. Then the poles are drilled and coated, also under sophisticated computer control, to customer specification.

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Round Tapered Tuff-Poles are coated with our proprietary UV-inhibiting polyurethane, and are available in Breakaway, Tuff-Stub, Hinged, and Sports Lighting styles, and we make them up to 125 feet long. Poles over 50 feet may be joined in sections for simple transport. Shakespeare round tapered poles are durable and attractive, and our composite shrouds can cost-effieciently add a decorative look.

Shakespeare Round Tapered Pole Benefits

  • Great looks!
  • Long lasting, with embedded UV inhibitors and anti-UV coatings
  • Wide choice of colors, including architectural colors
  • Will never rust and insects won't attack fiberglass
  • Diesel fumes and other chemical laden environments won't harm them
  • Sturdy - series available to withstand prevailing winds in your area