Polecrete Stabilizer sets poles without concrete

Polecrete Mounting Foam

Tamping, tipping, and concrete mixing are history. Shakespeare's PolecreteTM Stabilizer enables you to set poles quickly, permanently, and inexpensively in virtually any soil, and in almost any weather, without pouring concrete.

Advanced-formula Polecrete puts the squeeze on the surrounding soil to set poles fast, easy, and inexpensively without time consuming soil tamping and without pouring concrete or waiting for it to cure.

Polecrete is environmentally safe. The EPA does not classify Polecrete Stabilizer as a hazardous material or hazardous waste, and the product contains no ozone depleting chemicals and no CFC’s.

Download the Shakespeare Polecrete ordering matrix.

Polecrete Stabilizer Product Benefits

  • Safe and economical to use
  • Convenient kits, easy to use and dispose
  • Compressive strength 3 to 4 times that of undisturbed soil
  • Equal to crushed stone against uplift
  • Superior to stone in resistance to overturning
  • Helps reduce ground level decay in wood poles
  • Can reduce labor costs by 50 percent
  • No tamping required


Polecrete mounting foam works in virtually any type of soil, even rock and sand. It works in any climate, even extremely cold ones. The product has many uses:
  • Setting new poles
  • Uprighting damaged poles
  • Cable protection
  • Pedestal fill
  • Gate and fence posts
  • Highway sign poles
  • H-Frame supports
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