Hinged poles for easy maintenace

Hinge-Base Composite Tuff-Poles

Beautifully durable and easy to service and maintain, with a Shakespeare composite Tuff Pole® hinged-base lighting structure you don't need bucket trucks, lifts, or even a ladder to re-lamp. Just pull the pin and tilt the pole over to a comfortable level.

Download the Shakespeare Hinge Base Pole Ordering Matrix

The low maintenance, hinged light poles from Shakespeare are available with a natural or smooth finish. The standard offering is a direct burial fiberglass reinforced composite Tuff-Pole with a heavy-duty aluminum hinge fitting bonded into the pole at ground level. The poles tilt on a stainless steel hinge pin and the hinge bolt's head is recessed into the casting for vandal resistance.

A captive 0.5-inch pentagon-head stainless steel bolt clamps the pole in its upright position, and a galvanized padlock tab lets you further secure the installation against tampering. A base cover is supplied as standard, for a clean, sleek look.