Shakespeare decorative shrouds, base covers

Decorative Composite Shrouds

Shakespeare offers a great selection of decorative shrouds which dress up your projects quickly, easily, and cost efficiently. One-piece shrouds are intended to be installed with the poles and are available for a wide variety of pole styles.

See Shakespeare decorative shroud thumbnails.

Our split-shroud, clam-shell designs can be placed around new poles during initial installation, or existing poles to bring the good looks of times past to historical districts, restorations, streetscapes, shopping malls, real estate developments and parks.

Decorative Shroud Benefits

  • Distinctive, classical beauty
  • Lightweight, easy to install
  • Virtually maintenance-free - will never rust
  • Durable, strong and built to last
  • Extensive palette of standard, special and premium colors and finishes.
  • Architectural colors are available, and any color can be matched.
  • Weather and UV-resistant, proprietary polyurethane coatings
  • Non-conductive material for safety
Choose from our extensive line of Historical Series shrouds - or we'll cast new composite designs to match your existing iron or concrete pole, no matter how old - and with great turnaround. Our highly skilled craftsmen repair the cracks and other effects of aging and bring them up to date.

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