Shakespeare burial foot mounting base

Composite Burial Foot

Shakespeare's advanced-design composite burial foot mounting base makes fast work of mounting anchor base poles. The burial foot allows for quick installation, usually without the need for pouring concrete. The result is a substantial savings in material expense, equipment and labor cost, and time required for construction.

The composite burial foot structure simply goes directly into the ground in most soils as though it were a direct burial base pole. Its tough, E-Coated aluminum mounting flange accommodates bolt hole circles from 8 to 13", and can be supplied for 5/83/4 or 1" bolts.

Download the Shakespeare Burial Foot Mounting Base Brochure.
Download the Ordering Matrix.

The burial foot will work with all Shakespeare decorative poles, as well as our round and square composite poles to 30’ mounting height, with or without mast arms, brackets and other attachments, and to the same specifications as direct burial poles. Contact Shakespeare for information on use with other manufacturers’ poles.

How To Order

Order the Shakespeare composite burial foot mounting base in 4 ft or 5 ft burial depth (usually 10 percent of overall pole length plus 2 ft), and specify bolt hole circle, bolt size and cable entrance. More details on ordering are included in our Burial Foot brochure. If you need more details, please fill out an information request form.


Product Benefits

  • Eliminates time, labor, and material expense of forming, pouring, and curing reinforced concrete
  • Easily installed into almost any type of soil
  • Lightweight, inexpensive and easy to transport
  • Minimizes disturbance of surrounding terrain for most installations
  • Facilitates installation of underground cable and rough-in wiring prior to finish grading
  • Anti-rotation design
  • Competes favorably with screw-in type anchoring
  • Accommodates all Shakespeare anchor-base poles to 30’ mounting height, and all Shakespeare decorative styles, including poles with decorative shrouds
  • Exceeds all ANSI and AASHTO requirements