Shakespeare Utility Products Catalog

New Catalog for Shakespeare Transmission and Distribution Utility Products

The new Shakespeare power transmission and distribution product catalog is available for download. This 20-page document provides an excellent overview of Shakespeare's broad line of fiberglass-reinforced composite poles, crossarms, braces, pole-top extensions, and substation products.

Shakespeare Tuff-Pole®structures are ideal for the modern-day, grid-reliability needs of electric utilities.

If you were able to combine the advantages of steel, aluminum, PVC, plastic, and wood into a single structure, the resulting combination may very well be a Tuff-Pole™ composite product from Shakespeare. Strong yet lightweight, non-corrosive, dielectric, rust proof, and environmentally sound ... all these qualities are integrated into a single precision-engineered composite solution.

Shakespeare has been crafting composite products for utilities and municipalities for generations. Likewise, our valued customers count on Shakespeare year-after-year because our products are built to last for decades.

Shakespeare Composite Products Highlighted in Catalog

  • Tuff-Pole® transmission and distribution utility poles
  • Composite crossarms
  • X-braces, Knee-braces, and Vee-braces
  • Pole-top extensions
  • Buss supports and switch supports for substations
  • SafeFence™ substation perimeter wall for safety, security

Download the Shakespeare Utility Products Catalog

A Time-Proven Innovation

Designed for use in all climate types and with remarkable performance longevity, Shakespeare products often simply outlast wood and metal structures under the same climatic conditions. Unlike wood, our poles are completely free of of knots, twists, and imperfections that can accelerate wood-pole failure.

In Montana's Big Sky Country, near Glacier National Park, Shakespeare composite utility poles are subjected to some of the harshest natural conditions in the United States. Sub-zero temperatures and blizzards are common in winter. In summer, blistering heat can permeate the wide-open spaces. For human safety and security, electric-power reliability is essential.

The photo below displays a Shakespeare pole and 2 crossarms which have already been in service for more than 20 years. Uncommonly durable, engineered composites are designed to withstand harsh natural elements, enabling our utility customers to successfully serve those who reside in rugged, demanding environmental conditions.