Shakespeare Light Pole Capabilities Brochure

New Product Literature for Shakespeare Composite Lighting Products

The new Shakespeare capabilities brochure for outdoor composite light poles and accessories is available for download. This 8-page document provides an excellent overview of Shakespeare's broad line of fiberglass-reinforced composite light poles and lamp posts for street & area lighting and other outdoor lighting projects.

Shakespeare Tuff-Pole® outdoor light pole products start with a specially engineered filament winding process, utilizing manufacturing equipment developed, built and engineered in house. Strands of fiberglass are impregnated with pigmented resin and spirally wound onto a rotating, heated mandrel. The winding is precision applied under continuous, uniform tension, and computer controlled for precision and repeatability - a Shakespeare innovation.

The result is a super-strong, one-piece, composite pole with a uniform surface. The poles contain a minimum of 65 percent fiberglass - maximum 35 percent resin - by weight. Shakespeare formulates UV-inhibitors into the resin itself, as part of a thorough, systematic approach to UV protection.


Shakespeare Composite Products Highlighted in Capabilities Brochure

  • Round tapered Tuff-Pole products for outdoor lighting applications
  • Square composite light poles available in 4x4-in and 5x5-in sizes
  • Decorative light poles for street and area lighting
  • Decorative lamp posts, sign posts and bollards
  • Decorative shrouds for attractive base coverings
  • Hinged light poles for fast, easy lighting maintenance
  • Breakaway poles for enhanced roadway safety
  • Sports lighting poles for stadiums, sports fields, and parks & rec
  • Light pole accessories such as tenons, pole caps and much more
  • PolecreteTM mounting foam stabilizer for easy pole installation
  • Composite burial foot for mounting anchor-base poles
  • SafeFenceTM substation perimeter wall for safety, security

Download the Shakespeare capabilities brochure now.