Shakespeare Composite Crossarm Product Brochure

New Utility Crossarm Brochure Highlights Shakespeare Composite Innovations

The new Shakespeare composite crossarm product brochure is available for download. A pioneer in developing composite products for the utility industry, Shakespeare’s know-how and industry leadership are unparalleled.

The Shakespeare team listens carefully to customer feedback and responds with composite crossarm products that meet or exceed utility specifications and expectations from across North America and beyond.

Sturdy Shakespeare crossarms increase grid reliability and are engineered to meet or exceed the requirements of the National Electric Safety Code (NESC). Tested per ASTM D8019-15, our crossarms are also Rural Utilities Service (RUS) approved.

If you were able to combine the advantages of steel, aluminum, PVC, plastic and wood into a single product, the resulting combination may very well be a custom-composite crossarm from Shakespeare. Strong but lightweight, non-corrosive, dielectric, without rot and with a durable finish, and environmentally smart ... all these qualities are integrated into a single precision-engineered composite solution.


See the Shakespeare Crossarm Difference

Layers of innovation and triple-UV crossarm protection ensure long-lasting durability.


Shakespeare Composite Crossarms - Features and Benefits

Millions of Shakespeare composite structures are installed across North America. Shakespeare’s growing utility product customer base appreciates the many advantages Shakespeare composite tangent crossarms and composite deadend assemblies provide over wood and other materials.

In fact, the inherent advantages of composite materials are leading many utilities to specify composite crossarms and deadend assemblies on new and replacement transmission and distribution installations. Shakespeare is a time-proven, logical choice for these composite products.

  • LONG-LIFE DURABILITY – Designed for use in all climate types and with a remarkable performance longevity of 60 years, Shakespeare crossarms will not splinter and rot like wood, nor rust like metal. Unlike wood, composites are impervious to insects, woodpeckers, and weather. The specified strength factors remain intact over the product lifespan./
  • SUPERB WEATHERING & UV PROTECTION – Shakespeare provides triple protection from ambient ultraviolet exposure. First, during the pultrusion production process, 100% of the glass fiber strands and fiberglass mat components are saturated with UV-inhibitor-laden resins. Second, these materials are then covered with a UV-polyester-veil barrier. Third, the crossarm exterior is coated with a highperformance urethane finish.
  • DEFLECTION MITIGATION – Shakespeare provides the best selection for load vs. deflection considerations by offering multiple crossarm profiles to ensure low deflection rates. The engineered deflection-mitigation characteristics yield a desirable side benefit in that the crossarms are often crafted to be stronger than necessary in order to address deflection.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT DESIGN – Up to one-third the weight of wood, Shakespeare crossarms are easier to transport, lift and install than unwieldy wooden beams. Shakespeare composite structures can be hand carried into hard-to-reach locations, which saves utilities time and money.
  • EASE OF INSTALLATION – With a high-density, closed-cell foam fill that locks out moisture and contaminants, Shakespeare crossarms can easily be field drilled along the entire length of the crossarm using standard installation equipment. Further, Shakespeare can pre-drill crossarms to specified settings at the factory for your convenience. Shakespeare composite structures are impact resistant for easy transport in the field.
  • SAFE – Shakespeare composite structures are strong, yet remarkably light in weight compared to wood or steel. This inherent advantage may help alleviate possible injury to linemen, warehouse staff, and other utility personnel. Further the composite crossarms low-weight characteristics reduces pole structural fatigue, improving overall network grid robustness
  • LOW MAINTENANCE – Shakespeare’s maintenance-free construction saves time and money over the product lifetime. Shakespeare non-corroding composites will not deteriorate in salt-air climates, desert heat or acid rain. Regardless of humidity, they will not rust, ever, and they easily withstand harsh, industrial environments.
  • ATTRACTIVE – Typically, customers choose our standard grey color and our dark bronze color is also popular. Custom colors are available upon request. The urethane coating provides excellent protection and color retention when exposed to the sun and environmental contaminants. Accelerated testing confirms, the 3-stage UV protection will consistently resist weathering and maintain its strength.

Download the Shakespeare composite crossarm capabilities brochure now.