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Beautifully non-conductive, high-performance AcoustaWall™ makes your transformer installations and switching stations more attractive and less intrusive. AcoustaWall_logo It installs quickly and easily around transformer yards, switching installations, work sheds, and the like, blocking noise and exclusing wildlife and prying eyes. Best of all, it's not conductive.

Attractive and structurally strong, AcoustaWall makes it easy to be a good neighbor. Made of engineered fiberglass planks prefinished in your choice of colors, it's available in three types built to block or absorb sound, all non-conductive. AcoustaWall performs better than wood, metal or concrete sound walls and looks better doing it. The product installs faster, and in the event of the inevitable vehicle impact, it's usually easier and less costly to repair.

Absorptive AcoustaWall
Absorptive AcoustaWall

AcoustaWall Brochure (PDF)

Engineering Manual (PDF)

  • Non-conductive, including all posts and planks
  • Attractive, available in a range of UV-resistant colors
  • Easily assembled on site with little or no heavy lifting or transportation equipment
  • Heights to 24 feet or even higher
  • Vandal resistant surface
  • Simple, uncomplicated repair of composite profile in the event of vehicular impact
  • Sound absorbing, sculptured planks available to mix and match
  • Effective against noise - high performance and high value
  • Available filled or unfilled - filled with recycled crumb rubber for additional effectiveness against sound, if needed
  • Manufactured in U.S.A.